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Why online learning is an amazing opportunity for programmers

Maybe you ARE about to hire the most versatile and multi-skilled plumber in the United States.

He knows how to fix washing-machines, baths, sinks and even pools of all shapes and sizes (both interior and exterior) and more…

That said, you just call him to get your toilet fixed.

And unless having fixed these 19 or so washing-machines can help him make sure that water stops spilling out from your toilet, why should you care?

Let’s be real, it would have been just as fine if the only thing he’s ever fixed is toilets. Even if he told you he never fixed a sink nor a pool, does it really matter? After all, you just need to get your toilet fixed.

If you wanted to learn Japanese, would your teacher also need to be fluent in Arabic?

Well… no.

And the plumber you hire doesn’t need to be able to be able to fix interior pools for hotels either.

And here’s the good news,

Businesses who want to develop computer applications that are based on the javascript programming language do hire javascript programmers and don’t care whether or not these programmers are also good with other programming languages that will not be used in the project.

And this is the one key factor that traditional colleges don’t account for.

Programmer jobs are so in-demand that you can find work for decades even if you only know a single set of programming technology and single programming language.

Specialized programmers such as React JS developers, Java developers, Python developers or even WordPress Developers make over 6 figures doing freelance work on Upwork while others have found high-paying jobs all around North America.

And still, colleges attempt to train ULTRA-generalists.

There are dozens of types of programmers, and way fewer college programs.

By creating a college program for such a generalised position as a “computer scientist” they are making a huge mistake. It would be like creating a “construction worker” program for everyone who wants to become a mason, carpenter, architect or welder and forcing all of them to waste years learn the skills needed in all these trades to get their “construction worker” degree.

It just doesn’t make sense.

Instead of teaching students a single set of technologies and the programming languages associated with this set of technologies, colleges teach students dozens of technologies and programming languages.

With this approach, it usually takes 3 years in college to get a degree for most programmers.

That’s WAY too long.

NOTE: It is entirely possible to learn to master a single programming language or set of technologies in less than a quarter of that time with specialised online courses and get the same kinds of jobs in the end.

So, Which Programming course should you get?

In this video I share with you how you can become a developer for just 32$

Here are the 4 online courses I recommend getting:

1) The Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele : https://bit.ly/32m5H2s

2) Isaak Rudansky’s Landing Page Design : https://bit.ly/3l9Hfsd

3) Visual Design Foundations on TreeHouse : https://teamtreehouse.com/

4) Web Design for Web Developers (100% free) : https://bit.ly/359Cf1b

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