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Visual Design Foundations

By Nick Pettit from TeamTreeHouse

Video Review

Quick Overview

Visual Design Foundations is a short and simple introduction to the elements and principles of visual design. You’ll learn the basics of what makes a design appealing and which elements tend to attract the viewer’s attention. A good starting point if you want to learn visual design.

The Good:

  • Design tips that work across a wide variety of mediums
  • Cheap subscription that gives you access to all of TeamTreeHouse’s other courses.
  • 7-day Free Trial for new users.

The Bad:

  • The various concepts are not explained in much detail.
  • Short. However, you do get access to TeamTreeHouse’s other design courses.
  • The quizzes are too easy.

You’ll learn:

  • The basic elements of design – Line, shape, form, space, color, etc. – and get a broad idea of how they can be used to guide the viewer’s focus to certain elements or areas on your project.
  • The basic principles of art and design : Balance, Harmony, Emphasis and a few others. The course doesn’t go into much detail about how to use them, but you’ll get a broad idea what they are all about.
  • Different types of color schemes and tips on picking the right colors for your project.
  • How to make certain elements stand out in your pieces of visual imagery.
  • A few more tips and things to avoid in order to create appealing web pages.

This is a good course for:

  • People who want te get started learning design and have no prior experience.
  • Aspiring web designers.
  • Aspiring Graphic Artists.
  • Front-End web Developers.

This is not for:

  • Anyone who has already started learning design. You will probably not learn a lot. This course is a good place to start, but it’s still very basic.
  • Intermediates and Experts.

Full Detailed Review

This course is a solid introduction to the basic elements and principles of visual design. The main reason why you might want to watch it is to become familiar with the basic concepts and terminology of the field. Many courses assume that you already have a broad understanding of these and thus don’t take much time to explain them, which can leave you confused.

The free trial also makes it a good place to start if you want to jump to more advanced design courses on treehouse or on other learning platforms.

Learn the basics of art and design

You’ll learn about elements and principles of design. The course covers just over a dozen concepts. For each of which you’ll get a handful of tips.

The instructor also takes the time to give you some guidelines to combine elements together to create various effects on the viewers, and how these guidelines can be used to draw their eye to specific elements or sections.

There is also a section on color palettes which is quite good. You get a good idea how mixing certain colors produces different effects and which colors you might want to use on your web pages or other projects.

The concepts are not very detailed, but they are clearly explained and easy to understand.

Intermediates and above will likely not learn anything new here, but it’s a solid place to start as a beginner and you’ll surely appreciate that the instructor does not assume you have any prior artistic knowledge.

Professional Quality

As you should expect from TeamTreeHouse, everything is well laid out and well structured. The videos are all of professional quality and you get the usual well designed quizzes.

As with most courses from TeamTreeHouse there’s are a few quizzes. They are usually well designed. However I was a little disappointed this time around as these were too easy.

Final thoughts

If you are not a beginner, this course is not for you. I’d rather recommend you watch more advanced design courses such as PAF.

Otherwise you should just try it for free and see if it’s for you. It’s definitely worth checking out. You can click here to try their Free Trial

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