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Ultimate Sales Script for Startups and Business Development by Patrick Dang

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Are you struggling to get clients to buy your services?

Yeah.. You know what buddie?  You’re not the only one… See as a freelancer there are Many skills you CAN and SHOULD acquire to get more clients. And there are a shit ton of strategies you could possibly try in hopes of getting more clients.

Look, you need to learn the strategies to get client as a freelancer you want to achieve your financial goals. There’s no other way around.

But what’s nice, is that this one skill will help you tremendously to get more clients NO MATTER the strategy you decide to use to get your clients. Look I don’t know what stage of your career you are at, but I’m pretty sure there is a long and hard path keeping you away from your goals.

Why would you want to take this course?

I mean… On a more positive note, by taking this course, you’ll get that framework, that sales script that works better than anything you’ve tried, because it’s tailored for you and what you do.  And THAT, will bring you closer to your goals… No matter what.

Is it good?

I’ve been working as a salesman for a long time and when I started I’ve also started reviewing sales courses every week. So I’ve seen a shit ton of sales courses.

And you know what? This course is one of the best sales courses at this price range, and is definitely the best one for freelancers!

And here is what you’ll learn with it

1 – You will learn how to truly build rapport

You will learn how to build a true human connection with your future clients. See as you probably know, the more your prospects like you the more likely they are to buy from you. 

It’s a matter of trust, yes but not only that. Your prospects will also see you in a more positive light in general, because as humans, when we like someone, we tend to amplify their qualities and minimize their faults in our minds. It’s how we are wired.

So it goes without saying that this is a reaaally good thing for you, since YOU want that person to trust you with their business. And, he does a fantastic job of showing you HOW to do that. 

But building rapport is way easier said than done, right?

Yeah, its fucking hard to create rapport quickly in your everyday life, and now, you’re trying to do that when your prospect knows undoubtedly well that you want his money.

But it can be made. And you’ll learn to do just that. 

There are many different possible approaches to building rapport and Patrick Dang will teach you a great way to do that.

So what else?

2 – You’ll learn how to sell.

Okay I know that sounds horribly obvious, but hear me out. He describes the lessons that together make you learn the basics of “how to sell” as using your clients pain and desires.

But look. This is the only effective way to sell anything to any normal individual. So yeah, you’ll learn how to do that effectively without looking like a sleazy used car salesman.

3 – How to make your prospect tell you EVERYTHING

He’ll show you how easy and natural it can be to figure out your prospect’s budget and to figure out if this person is even the one making decisions. 

Been there. Done that. Sucks to pitch to someone who can’t even buy.  Happened to me all the time when I was selling life insurance. I mean, you want more clients. Remember. You are not being paid for selling. You’re being paid when you do whatever your freelance skill is.

Don’t fucking waste your time like that. When you have the tools for it, it’s so fucking easy to figure out if your prospects have the money or if they are even the ones making the decisions.

4 – How to create, use, and improve your sales script to make you a KILLER salesman.

And finally. Overall you’ll learn how to create, use and improve your sales script to make you a killer salesman. His method is fantastic, it works.  There nothing more to say, really.

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