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Killer Copywriting

By Tom Poland on

Video Review

I’m in a weird situation

On one hand, I’m glad I watched Tom Poland’s Killer Copywriting. I feel I’ve improved as a copywriter.

But at the same time I feel it’s ridiculously overpriced and overall quite disappointing.

So what’s the problem with this course?

This course is 20 hours long. That means you’ll learn a lot about copywriting by watching it.

BUT… of that 20 hours, most of the course won’t even teach you about copywriting.

Most of the course is more on best practices for building a business that sells products online and not on copywriting.

I mean it goes as far as teaching you how to find out what kind of product your market would want to buy so that you can create your own product and make sure it’s something that will sell.

I mean it’s not bad content, maybe you want to learn about that and build an online business, and if so, yes, you’ll get a lot from this course, but if you’re looking to solely learn about copywriting, you’re paying for a lot of content you don’t need.

And when this course covers internet marketing strategies, it feels so archaic.

I mean, looking at the quality of the camera, you can see it was probably made in the early 2000s, and to be honest, It’s not just the video quality that feels outdated. The content feels so fucking archaic at times.

And this course is that its doesn’t even teach you the basics of copywriting.

So if you’re a beginner you won’t get good enough to qualify for Entry Level Jobs.

So don’t even think about doing freelance work

And don’t even think about trying to promote your products online.

I mean, for fuck’s sake, this course costs 1595 US Dollars. Shouldn’t we expect more for 1595$ that a course on copywriting that spends 3/4 of it’s lengths teaching you about business tips that are not copywriting?

What I recommend instead of this course:

Look, truthfully, If you were to buy it in 2005 and you wanted to learn to make a business that sells products online, it would have been worth it, but in 2020, I don’t think anyone should pay 1595$ for that.

I mean, of the 8 copywriting courses I’ve watched so far, If I was to rank them from the best courses to get to the worst, Unfortunately, I have to say this one would be very close to the bottom of my list.

Instead of this course,

I recommend you get Neville Medhora’s Kopywriting Kourse.

  • It’s much cheaper
  • And it’s way better
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