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The Web Developer Bootcamp

By Colt Steele

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Two years ago I decided to quit school and start learning on my own online.

I started my eLearning journey with this course: the web developer bootcamp by Colt Steele.

MY RESULTS: In only six months, I managed to get a job that normally takes three years of college. I became a full-fledged front-end developer at a small agency in my local area.

I’m telling you this because as it is what started me on this journey and gave me insane results, be warned: my review might be a little biased.

What will you learn?

This course contains everything you need to know about HTML, CSS and JavaScript to program web applications. You’ll also learn how to use a fair amount of server and back-end technologies.

In short, you learn everything you need to know to become:

  • front-end web developers,
  • back-end web developers,
  • and even full stack developers.

Whichever way you want to take your career, the bootcamp will give you a good starting foundation.

A Great Instructor

Colt teacher is a career teacher and it shows.

it very well-structured. And he’s good at presenting information in a clear, interesting and concise manner.

Everything he teaches has a clear logical progression. You get the theory you need and right after you always get very interesting exercise to help you practice the various concepts and techniques.

A ton of practical Exercises

They are all very in-depth you you get to practice pretty much everything you learn.

Not only does learning through action leads to better long-term memory (Check Learning Machine 2.0), it also means you get to create your own portfolio of projects you can show potential clients and recruiters.

These exercises are very varied. You even get to make a few video games.

Colt and his assistants will answer your questions

They have a very good technical support team that answers pretty much all your questions. They have forums. They have everything.

They’re active and they respond quickly.

Don’t worry, even though you are learning online, you will not be left alone when you need help.

Is This Course Good?

This is one of the best courses I’ve found on Udemy.

Really, this is insane for about $20 you get everything you need to get a job that normally takes 3 years in college…

…in like half the time.

This is one of those course you don’t want to miss if you want to be a web developer or a programer.

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