Tai Lopez’s How to Make Money Online | Online Course Review

How to Make Money Online

By Tai Lopez

Video Review:

Everytime I’ve watched Tai Lopez videos, I always felt like he gave some good advice but he was being fake.

I felt like he was the king of guy who would say anything to get me to buy one of his courses…

And he succeeded. I bought his course.

So, I’ve just finished watching his course on how to make money online and here’s what I think of it.

Surprise… I’ve tried a lot of the things he teaches and everything worked…

I was surprised to find out that in the end, “Tai Lopez really knows what he’s talking about.”

Last month I praised Jordan Peterson’s course on personality for how useful it has ben to get people to listen to me more and to build betters relationships and to overall become a more charismatic guy.

But after trying what Tai Lopez teaches about personality, I was shocked to realize that tai’s tips on how to figure out what people want to hear are even more practical and in my opinion even more useful than Jordan Peterson’s.

I thought this course would be the usual dropshipping/affiliate marketing course that just teaches you the “how to build the website step by step”,

but instead most of the course is on understanding what makes people buy shit and how you can take advantage of that to create successful marketing campaigns.

You do learn the basics

Don’t get me wrong, it does show you the steps on how to:

  • build a shopify store
  • set up stripe accounts
  • and all the usual,

but instead of taking you for an idiot and showing you click by click how to do it, It focuses the big picture and teaches you all core concepts and then trusts you to figure out the details so that you don’t just create “another mediocre shopify store.”

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Get an insane amount of followers on Instagram, youtube and social media in general
  • How to make people buy products on your website.

But here’s what makes this course great:

Yes, you can learn all of that elsewhere, but ultimately what impressed me the most is how Tai views internet marketing.

You usually hear online gurus talk about dropshipping like it’s riddiculously simple and easy and that any idiot could do it…

…Which is actually not true.

And tai ackgnoledges that.

I don’t need to tell you that most people who try dropshipping fail. I failed at dropshipping. And that’s just because like a lot of people, I treated it like it was an easy thing, not like a real business.

I didn’t approach it like Tai’s approaches it. What he teaches here is no-bullshit and down to earth.

In shitty courses like Sean Bagheri’s “Aversity Gold” you learn that the only way to get good web pages is by trying 20 designs off of your head, then advertising all of them and hope at least one them works,

Instead, Tai’s approach is to know what works FIRST and then build content based on that.

LOOK: hoping to get “Lucky” is not a good strategy. You might get lucky, but I think if you want consistent results, you need to know what you’re doing.

And that’s why this courses’ approach to marketing appeals to me so much.

It teaches you what you need to know what you’re doing.

The only thing I think might turn you off is that Tai will not be teaching you all the content of the course.

Most of the later sections are either taught by members of his team or experts he hand-picked. They do seem good enough, in fact I remember seing one of them talk in one of the affiliate world conferences a couple of years ago.

It must be mentionned that none of them have his charisma and these sections are a lot less entertaining to watch, but the information they give you is still satisfying.

So, should you buy this course?

In my opinion, if you have the money, it’s worth it.

Right now, It’s the best “first-step” or “introduction” I can think of if your goal is to learn to make money online and build an online business.

In any case, if you have any question about the course, you can ask them in the comments down below or if you have other courses you wish me to review, write them down there as well.

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