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Soft Skills

By Dan Gorgone from TeamTreeHouse

Full Written Review

Learning about some soft skills is really exiting! There’s no doubt about this. When we are on the path of self development, it comes that moment for everyone. The moment when you start learning about things that aren’t directly linked to your principal occupation. It could start with communication, selling, self care and many others.

As any passionate learner would have been, i was so excited about having to review that course! But It ended up being a painfully deceiving. It was 3 hours and 30 minutes of watching a hollow shell that tries to look like a worthwhile course.

The one type of person the course is for:

Let’s talk about the web development. If your working in web development and you are really uncomfortable, communication, presentations, and time managing, i would recommend you to watch that course. It as been made specially for you. All the informations is linked with the precise reality a web developer. So it can definitely be a could place to start.

The ONE thing that ruined everything:

Team Treehouse generally have high quality standards! But that one course feel like one of this bad udemy course you regret having bought. The thing that ruined everything in 3 words : Not Enough Information. Dan gorgone, most of the time, is teaching you common sense. Sometimes he’s only giving you a introduction to the subject. There’s nothing that can be mastered in that course.

Is this course good?

No. If you want to learn communication, time management, problem solving, team work, the art of presentation, writing or psychology look for another course.

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