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Sell Me This pen. The Jordan Belfort’s Exercise Explained To Sell Anything to Anyone, Anytime.

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I’ve been stumbling across the dumbest reactions to the wolf of wall street’s exercise : “sell me this pen.” 

Look, here’s the thing. 

The salesmen who think that this exercise is useless, or those who simply didn’t understand it miss out big time on a valuable lesson that can be worth thousands of dollars to them. 

The “sell me this pen” effect

Here is how it works!

The reason asking people to “sell me this pen”  is so powerful is because it shows your weaknesses in selling. 

Asking “sell me this pen” to people will make even the most experienced salesmen look like total fools.

But obviously, the goal isn’t to make people look like fools , Jordan Belfort, the wolf of wall street, built this exercise to help him teach people one of the most important principle of selling.

You could be good at selling stuff and have great results as a sales person but to sell a pen like that out of context, like: “BOOM! Sell me this pen.” without looking like a dumbass or a crook, you really have to know what you’re doing. Otherwise you’ll look like a sleazy used car salesman 

The reason why this 4 words request does that is obvious. On top of being totally out of context, there is absolutely nothing special, nothing exciting about a pen!

For most people, they are just boring. People don’t really feel anything towards pens in general. They are just like.: Mah, whatever, right?

We don’t have an emotional response to pens like we would to most other popular purchases like laptops, cars, or even books. I mean, you could have one in gold and all and I would only be thinking about selling it.  Or maybe I’d be thinking to myself: why the fuck would someone have a stupid gold pen?. 

Plus we don’t really need them. They are everywhere, they are cheap, and nobody cares about them. The reality is, we buy them in lots and lose most of them. 

So, unless you have a magic pen that has infinite ink and that appears back in my pocket every time I need it, I can’t possibly be excited about a pen. 

That’s how it is.

So, selling a pen really is hard. 

But, marketing is different. 

Not that selling a pen with marketing is easy.  But it’s different, so don’t get confused because that’s not what this exercise is about. This exercise is about me asking you: sell me this pen. And you selling it to me here and now.

How would you sell it? 

You can pause and try it out if you want. 

By yourself or with someone.

So, what would you say?  How would you try to sell it? 

How most people would try to sell a pen

Most people would be, quite frankly, really bad at selling it. And it’s okay! Most people aren’t trained in sales. They would only be doing their best to sell it, right?

So, they would be all excited, like: I’ve got a great pen to sell! It’s great! And really reliable too! It’s not too expensive! But it really is a quality pen that you should definitely buy!  And I can cut you the price! Look at the it it’s pink! And so on, and so on.

It was probably not a great illustration a real life amateur’s pitch, but did you get the point? 

The point is, that what untrained or undertrained sales people would be doing is taking the characteristics of the pen that they personally like, and they’d assume that these characteristics will most likely appeal to the person they are selling it to.

So the first mistake an amateur salesperson would make is selling the features rather then the benefits, and the second mistakes is that they would sell from their own perspective. They would sell what they like themselves.

So they think they are selling it, but at best they are basically building what seems to them as an appealing description.  Needless to say that you better have a really fucking great pen if you wish to sell it to me by describing it to me out of nowhere like that. Right? 

It’s not only not a good way to sell a pen. It’s not a good way to sell.

How the average salesperson would try to sell it

Even amazon description of products does better then that! So then, what do you think the average sales person would do? Better right?

Well, sometimes they would!  

The truth is I’ve been working in sales since I’ve been in age to work and I’ve seen it. Many career sales people would sell stuff just like amateurs would.

They’d be describing it. They would be selling the features of the product rather than the benefits and they’d be guessing.  

So, if you wouldn’t have made the same mistake give yourself a pat on the back. You are a better sales person then 95% people.

But even if you pitched the benefits, even if you would have sell the benefits of this pen you would have probably failed the exercise anyway.

How should you sell a pen

Here’s why. 

Selling the benefits of the product you’re selling is the thing to do, but you’re selling a pen, to a stranger, out of context.

You don’t know me. Unless you can guess right, and sell the benefits I’m looking for you’ll sound like a crook. 

What about simply asking me questions?

What about making me talk about the kind of pens I do like or dislike. What about asking about my job and about the reasons I might need a pen?

What about at least pretending you care about me and that you work in my best interests?

What if I just don’t want a fucking pen? You’d be wasting your time.


– So for how long have you been looking for a pen?

(I’ve just asked you to sell me a pen, come on you can ask me that.) 

– So, for how long have you been looking for a pen? 

– Oh! Only a couple of minutes? really? Why, is that so?

– I see.

– So, what do you usually use pens for anyway? 

– And let me ask you, just, just out of curiosity. What’s the worst pen you’ve ever used?

– Really! You’re right, those are the worst! 

(YOU ARE RIGHT.)  Do you get any of that?

Like dude, I don’t know! Have a conversation.  Make me talk.  Have fun with me. And get to know me and get to know how to sell “me” a pen. 

And if I don’t care a about pens and I don’t need a pen, then just fucking find someone would need a pen and stop wasting your time. 

You get paid to sell and you are selling a pen., so don’t waste your time talking to someone who won’t buy a pen from you.

Final thoughts

That’s how you should sell anything.

That’s how you can sell anything. Ask questions and make me talk. And then, match your pitch to what I care about. To what I crave! Or find an other customer who would crave your product. 

How to become a better salesperson.

By the way! I didn’t come up with all of that all by myself. And I mean, we all know I didn’t learn that in school, right?

I’ve simply taken a bunch of online courses. and I practiced what I learned every-single-day! 

It’s not rocket science. Nor is it black magic.  So, there’s not one technique, or one tip that will make you sell like crazy from one day to the other.

Most sales people work really hard on making more money now, but not enough on making more money next month or next year. Thus, they don’t invest their time and money in online courses and books, and they don’t take time to practice.

Because there no such things as magic tricks that’ll transform you into a selling machine in a split second. It’s hard fucking work.

When I started working in sales, I knew more than most people. I was book smart, but still everyone was selling more than I was.

So, I kept pushing myself to learn, practice and to get better! The result was, in a matter of 3-4 months, I was in the 6th best salesman of a company I was working for in Canada.

I don’t want to sound pretentious. Like, I’m really far from being the best sales person. I’m hardly the best you’ve met.

But, every day, I was testing and implementing new concepts, new tricks, techniques and ideas to get better, to make more money now, next month, next year and for the rest of my life. 

Sometimes what I learned was backed by science, and..  sometimes not.

Sometimes the techniques I was learning was working right away. 

But sometimes, I had to practice one technique at least one hundred times before it started working. It’s one hundred sales I could have made that I decided to trade, for 1 thousand I’ll make next year.

Because learning was my priority. Because I wanted, and still want, to make my future life better.

I want next month and next year to be 10 times more meaningful.

“You reap what sow.” 

If you too are committed to start making more money and to get your life dreams and you think that learning sales and communication is the best next step, there many things you things you can do.

Trained by the wolf of wall street.

First thing you can do.

You can take a look at the wolf of wall street’s training courses. Jordan Belfort made quality online courses and he sells them on his website. 

I’ve linked them bellow.

They are really fucking expensive. Like a couple thousands dollars, but what’s so nice about online sales courses is that as long as it’s good you always end up with more money in your pocket because you start selling more. 

Plus, the pressure you put on yourself by spending a lot money of a course makes you really committed to making more money.

Cheap sales courses

But, if you are don’t have the money there are other options.

You can take a look at the sales section on! Obviously there’s no guarantee that the courses you buy will be good.

So, I recommend you check out the review we made! Just search for sales course on our website!


The third option is learning with books. 

So, here is some great sales and communication books I recommend you read.

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