Sales Skills: The Sales Training Master Course for Entrepreneurship, Freelancers, and Creatives | By Patrick Dang on Skillshare | Course review

Sales Skills: The Sales Training Master Course for Entrepreneurship, Freelancers, and Creatives | By Patrick Dang

Video Review

Is this course good?

Well, I have enjoyed this course a lot!  

From the beginning all the way to the end of his course, Patrick Dang is teaching thought provoking sales techniques that will make you change how you see selling forever.

At this price range most sales courses aren’t always excellent.   Most of the time, cheaper sales courses only teach normal sales stuff that comes natural for most people.  I’m serious! Most of them simply don’t cut it, they are often just.. Okay or not bad..

But this 10 $ course by Patrick Dang contains the kind of teachings you’d  expect from a 50- 100 or even 200$! By the way, if you want to get this course for free, stick with me all the way to the end of this review.

WHAT is it about and WHO is it for?

It’s oriented towards selling high ticket services or products TO COMPANIES. That’s really key here. 

If you are selling to individuals it may not be the best choice. Get this, it really is a course made for entrepreneurs and freelancers!

Become a great listener

What I love about this course though is how amazing it is at teaching how to ask questions. 

Patrick’s opinion on selling is that sales is not about being a good talker, but rather about being a good listener.  In other words, it’s knowing how to ask the right questions so you can be empathic, friendly and trustworthy while staying in control of everything.

It really resonated with me and the way I like to do one on one selling. It is really more of a communication course oriented on sales. 

Scary powerful communication techniques

Some of the communication techniques he teach are scary powerful.

Like for example: I tried his strategies to make people feel good about themselves.   I didn’t practice it. I just tested it. I did that 10 minutes after I had learnt it and it worked so well I scared myself.  I swear!  It worked so well I had to take 5 minutes to calm down and think about it to make sure it was morally acceptable.

Here is the key to success

Now while learning new skills, nothing comes without practice. Almost everything you’ll learn in this course you’ll have to practice. 

Patrick always shows you how everything is done and after explaining it he gives examples, but see it’s communication.  So, most of the time you have to find a way to make it work FOR YOU in YOUR OWN WORDS and for your SPECIFIC PRODUCT.

But, with a bit of creativity you should be able to do that just fine.


Patrick Dang on mindset

It also really stresses how important mindset is when it comes to selling.  Which most other sales courses don’t talk about, AT ALL, and yet, it is so important!

Grant Cardone on mindset

The month I made the most money as a salesman was the month I was focusing the most on my mindset.  It was the month I took a sales course created by Grant Cordone.

At that time, I was selling cell phones.  And that month I sold so many cellphones that I jumped on the first top 1% rank of seller of one of the biggest cell phone services providers in Canada.

And you know what?? Prior to that I had only been working there for 2 months  How cool is that?

It really is all thanks to this course that Grant Cardone’s selling on Udemy and that I bought FOR 20$! I highly recommend it. If you are interested, click the button to check it out of go see our review!

In Patrick’s course, you’ll get a completely different approach developing your mindset than in Cardone’s and that’s okay. I could not say If you will have better results with Patrick’s course or with Grant’s course. Mindset courses are very subjective, most of the time you’ve got to test them for yourself.

Who should take this course?

For some people, like me, focusing on mindset improves their sales game way more than focusing on any sales techniques. So again, really glad to see a great section on mindset in this course I know most people will benefit a lot from it.

So, if you’re a freelancer or an entrepreneur and you want to learn how to sell, so that you can take advantage of every single opportunity that comes your way. This course, is a great choice

I barely covered 10% of the course’s content, so if you are interested I highly recommend you to check it out using a free trial on Skillshare!

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