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Presentation Skills

By Julie Menge from TeamTreeHouse

I hate the way people use slide presentation instead of thinking. People would confront a problem by creating a presentation. I wanted them to engage, to hash things out at a table, rather then show a bunch of slides. People who know what they are talking about don’t need Powerpoint.

-Steeve Jobs

A False Start:

As kind looking and experienced the teacher might be, she’s really not what you’d expect a great public speaker to be. Right from the start, you know she’s probably not the best person to learn presentation skills from. You should not expect to learn great techniques used by the greatest public speakers here. How can she effectively teach something she does not master?

Good enough for college presentation:

The type of presentation taught in this course is the one you’d expect from a college student. PowerPoint slides only useful to the audience about half the time. And the other half of the slides look like they only serve as quick reminders for the speaker.

You also have a couple tips to become a better speaker. For example little warm up exercises or a reminder to communicate clearly and loud enough for everybody to follow along.

What you’ll learn:

The sections on preparing your presentation form a pretty huge part of the course. A good half of it was satisfying.

The better half of this section covers studying your audience and getting your content ready.

The other part is on a few pieces of technology and tools you could use and about reserving a conference room. This section will likely not help a lot of people in a significant way.

Is this course good?

No, it’s not. We do not recommend this course. It can definitely help some people, but for most people there is not much in this course that is really worth their time and money. Even though it’s cheap, there are definitely better options out there, even in a similar price range.

If you’re unsure and you are new to treehouse, you can still try it for free, but don’t expect it to be a game-changer.

You Should get this course instead:

Seth Godin’s “on Presenting to Persuade”

This is also a course on how to make business presentations, but it’s much deeper. In fact it’s the best course on making business presentations that I’ve seen so far.

This course also has the advantage of being very cheap.

If you want to learn to make powerful business presentations that impress others instead of embarrassing yourself in front of your colleagues, this is the course you need to get.

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