Isaac Rudansky’s Ultimate Google Ads Course on Udemy | Online Course Review

Ultimate Google Ads Training 2020: Profit with Pay Per Click

By Isaac Rudansky on Udemy

Video Review

So, you want to learn Google Ads.

And you want to know if Isaac Rudansky Google Ads Training on Udemy is the way to go, right?

Look: I’ve watched a good portion of the course, and if you do, you’ll quickly see why it’s one of the highest rated courses on Udemy.

This course will teach you everyting you need. And you will usually be able to get it for just under 20$ on sale

It packs a huge amount of content, it’s updated every year so every year, you can go back to watch it and Isaac will teach you what works in the latest algorithm so you won’t have to buy a new course every year to learn about the latest best practices.

Isaak is also an engaging speaker. I mean, for fuck’s sake. His courses are almost as interesting to watch as Dan Lok’s courses in my opinion.

This course works. I’ve had real results with it.

I used to work at an Ad agency.

At the time that was the only course I had ever watched on google adwords

and just through the process of watching it and applying what I learned,

I became the guy that was in charge of the biggest adwords projects the company was tackling because my boss figured out I was the most knowledgeable and competent guy in the company when it comes to adwords even though I was the last to get hired.

And having had that experience, I know that if you watch it you will get much more than you need to manage adwords campaigns as a living whether as a freelancer or in an ad agency.

And that’s one of the most in-demand skills in the world right now. Good ads manager can get paid 6-Figures and upward.

And it’s actually a quite enjoyable job. In my experience, it’s not that stressful and as a freelancer,

it can be really not that time consuming when you learn how to automate your ads campaign so that you almost don’t need to work on them as your preprogrammed scripts adjusts your bids for you every hour whether you’re in front of your computer or just playing guitar.

So should you buy it?

Yes, it’s awesome.

Look, if you want to become an Adwords Ad manager and create killer campaigns that clients are willing to pay a lot for and thus make a lot of money, This course will teach everything you need.

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