Is Freelancing Worth It or is it better to get a job? | Vlog

Is Freelancing Worth It?


Most people know quite well that freelancing isn’t for everybody. I mean, you have to organize all aspects of your life, you have to discipline yourself, you have to be courageous and resourceful. But, what people don’t know is that this can actually be dangerous.

It can AND IT DOES ruin careers!

At some point as a freelancer and an entrepreneur, my life became a living nightmare. It has become hell!

And it was not even the worst part of it.

The worst part was that I, myself, created the nightmare I was leaving in. If you want to become a freelancer or an entrepreneur, this video (I should even say this entire channel) has been created to help you. To protect you. This video is the one I would have needed a year and a half ago.

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