How to Use Google Analytics | By Dan Gorgone and Eric Erickson from TeamTreeHouse | Online Course Review

How to Use Google Analytics

By Dan Gorgone and Eric Erickson from TeamTreeHouse

This course is great introduction to Google Analytics. You’ll learn the basics of how to use google analytics. It also includes a real case study on how they used google analytics to improve a successful business’ website.

You’ll learn :

  • To become comfortable with the Google Analytics Dashboard.
  • Where you can find the most relevant data in Google Analytics.
  • To understand most of the data you’ll find on Google Analytics.
  • How you can leverage data from Google Analytics in order to improve a website.
  • To understand the behavior of your site’s users (Time spent on pages, most looked at pages, do your clients return to your website, etc.).

What you need to know about this course :

First of all, you need to know that this course was, at its recording, made as a live session. Dan Gorgone, a well known teacher at TeamTreeHouse, receives as a guest Eric Erickson, who is the main teacher for the event. He’s going to share with you some of the precious knowledge he’s gathered from years working in the industry of website development.

It’s really well made and light to watch while providing you with crucial knowledge to make any website more successful.

The Curriculum

Step by step, he’s going to show you every fundamental aspect of google analytics through the analysis of a real successful business account. From time to time, he also shares the history of the company’s website and how his team improved it based on data they found on Google Analytics. Those stories will help you big time in understanding all the value you can get from using it.

Professional Quality

As you should expect from TeamTreeHouse, everything is well laid out and well structured and the videos are all of professional quality.

Final Thoughts

It’s a good course. I definitely recommend it. Especially if you’re still not comfortable with most of what you can get out of Google Analytics, and how you can use it to improve the quality of your website.

You can try it for free today with the TeamTreeHouse 7-day free trial, which will also give you access to hundreds of other courses.

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