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How to become a web developer for just 32$

32$ sounds ridiculous… I KNOW!

And that’s why I just have to share this with you.

The thing is, with the rise of affordable high-quality online courses like the 4 courses I share in this video, you can actually learn everything you need to become a web developer for just 32$.

HECK : some of these courses are even 100% FREE!

Here are the 4 online courses I recommend getting in this video:

1) The Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele :

2) Isaak Rudansky’s Landing Page Design :

3) Visual Design Foundations on TreeHouse :

4) Web Design for Web Developers (100% free) :

Full Video Script:

I managed to become a Freelance Front-End Web Developer in less than 1 Year. Today I’ll show you how I did it so that you can do it too.

So, I learned everything I needed with the following online courses and the good news it that they are all not that expensive so you can get away with a less than 100$ budget.

STEP 1 – You need to Learn How to Code.

So, the first course to Get is : “The Web Developer Bootcamp” on Udemy.

This is one of the most watched courses on Udemy. Like: More than 500 thousand people bought it. I’d argue it’s even better than most University Classes.

You’ll get all the tools you need to start creating high quality websites. It’s clearly explained, It shows that the instructor is a professional teacher. And you also get the support you’d expect from college classes. He has hired assistants to answer your questions and help you if you struggle with some of the many projects and exercises. You’ll see why it’s one of the highest rated courses on the platform. I’ll put a link in the description if you want to check out my full review.

I’d say the only issue it has is that it doesn’t teach you how to create wordpress sites, which many employers will require. However, it’s not an issue if you want to become a freelancers because developers are so in-demand right now that I never had to learn it and that has never prevented me from getting contracts.

Okay so If you’re new to online courses, before I keep going there’s something you need to know. The secret to getting all these udemy courses for cheap. In this case spending less than 50$ for all the courses in this video is to make sure to buy them on sale. Udemy courses are Almost Always on sale. I believe they have 90% off sales every two weeks or so. If on the day you’re watching this video these courses are not on sale, I recommend doing one of the two following things: 1- You can wait for them to be on sale (it never takes long, trust me). 2- You can force them to be on sale right now. Look for coupons on popular coupon sites on the internet. Just google Udemy Coupons and you should find one that will allow you to get theses courses cheap without too much trouble.

STEP 2 – You need to Learn The Basics of Web Design.

This might sound weird. But you need to realize that as a freelancer, you’re on your own. Most of the times, your clients don’t even know web designers exist or expect you to be good enough to make the website’s design yourself. In either case, they will not hire a designer for the project. So you’ll have to come up with the design yourself. You don’t need to become an expert in web design, but believe me, you at least want to know the basics.

I’ve watched a lot of web design courses and here are the 3 courses I recommend watching to get the best value for your time and money.

I recommend you watch them in the following sequence.

#1- Get : Isaac Rudansky’s “Landing Page Design and Conversion Rate Optimization”

This course will teach you how to make a website “feel right”. It will teach you how to create intuitive navigation and how to make your website look trustworthy and legit. If you’re gonna get only one of these design courses, get this one!

#2-Sign Up for Treehouse and Watch : “Visual Design Foundations”

This is a short course. It’s just 2 hours long. It’s not that deep, but it’s a good introduction to using shapes and color in your design. Overall, it’s a good introduction to visual the basics of visual design.

Here’s how you can get it for free. Treehouse has a 7-day free trial. Just create a trial account. Watch it and if their other courses don’t interest you, just deactivate your account before they charge you any money. It’s that simple.

#3- Get : Jonas Schmetdsman’s Free Web Design course : “Web Design For Web Developers”

This is a free course on Udemy. It will teach you a little more about the basics of creating good visuals for your website, but I’d say the real reason you want this course is because it shows you a good number of online tools you can use to create some of your website’s design elements such as your color palettes easily and quickly for free.

So all these courses are what I would call the front-end developer starter pack. If you watch all of them you’ll get just enough knowledge to start making websites on your own and start earning money with your skills.

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