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How to Become a Tutor Online – The Simple Three Step Method For Fast Results


So here is how to become an online tutor

So let’s just say that you want to become a english tutor online.  Don’t worry if you want to teach math or guitar or anything.  The method I’m going to teach you here will work no matter what you want to teach. But having english as an example will make this easier to grasp for you.

So what’s the first step to start your business?

You might think that it would be creating exercises or learning tips to teach your precise craft, but really, none of that matters as much as this first step. 

Knowing what you are going to teach and in which order you’re gonna teach it, having great exercises and knowing how to teach are all really important stuff.  But without this first step you’ll get nowhere on the internet.

Step 1

Find clients.

We will figure out the rest soon enough, so don’t worry!

I’m going to give you tools to get yourself a tested framework to teach to students at any level.  I’m going to give you tools to have infinite exercises for any type of student no matter what you teach, but without students none of that matters. 

So from now on, start seeing yourself as a business.  A business that you want to market. Because as an online tutor, that’s exactly what you are! 

How do you do that EXACTLY?

So again, I’m pretending you want to be an english tutor, but my method works for any type of online tutoring. 

So first, go on google and do exactly as if you were looking for an english tutor. Pause, do it and come back. So you’ve probably found many websites where you could hire tutors, right?  Well that’s where you want to create profiles.

Then create professional social media accounts for yourself. Go on freelance websites like Upwork, freelance, fiverr and start marketing your business.

Your profile is a selling page.  You are selling your services.  So you want a great profile that books you with students.  And you want to be sure it’s great.

So, what I recommend is that you go look at the most popular tutor profiles and that you copy their profiles as much as possible.

Don’t feel bad about that.  That’s legit.  You totally can do that.  And you totally want to do it. 


Because yes those teachers are great and have maybe been on the website since it’s been created and blablabla, but the thing is their profile pages sell. 

The one you’ll make might have a great closing rate too, but don’t make your life harder just for the possibility to have, maybe, if you are reeeeaaally lucky, the same result. 

Unless you’re some kind of genius, go copy those profiles. 

Don’t lie just to match what they say though!  It’s your profile.  So keep it real.

If the one you are copying says they have 3 kids please don’t say you have three kids if you don’t. Maybe if you have a cat, called Katty Purry, write about Miss Purry, but don’t go lie about anything.

Then for the rest, be creative. 

Don’t stop learning about those platforms and about ways to optimise your profiles on these different platforms.  And don’t hesitate to try to pay for the platform to put your profiles forward.  It’s an investment in the long term.  Because the more ratings you get, the more your profile will be seen.

How can you get a framework that has been tested, no matter what you are teaching?

So now.  How can you get a framework that has been tested?  That is proven to work?

Think about it do you remember what your highschool teachers did to get there tested framework? Think about it. What did they all use? 

They had a book that they followed.

Again. Don’t make your life any harder than it should be.  

You just go find the best books for learning english and unless you want to teach only to a certain level you buy all the levels. Those books often come with an exercise book so get them too! Just like your high school teachers did! 

If what you want to teach is english I’ve already made my researches to find 3 books collections and exercises books you can choose from. So go check that out.

I know it seems almost too simple, but I swear, it is.

From “English for Everyone
  • English for Everyone Teacher’s Guide –
  • English for Everyone: Beginner Box Set –
  • English for Everyone: Intermediate and Advanced Box Set –
  • English for Everyone Teacher’s Guide –
  • English for Everyone Business English Box Set –
From “Barron’s education”
  • IELTS Superpack (Barron’s Test Prep) –
From “Test Expert”
  • Test Expert: Writing Practice for CELPIP –
  • Test Expert: Speaking Practice for CELPIP –

First class. How to deal with it?

Now the first time you see a student.  I know that it seems terrifying at first, but it should not be.

How do you handle your first class. What do you do? You can’t really prepare for it, right? 

Well, you’ll talk to your students before the first class, right? You’ll ask them questions and try to figure out where they are at with their english? Right?


Then, you’ll simply prepare a test using different exercises you’ll find the books you bought. And, you’ll build a test, to assess the level of your student, that goes from questions that you think are going to be easy to answer for the student all the way to questions that you think are going to be way too hard for the student.  You’ll try to cover only the most important things. 

You should probably give a time limit, explain that they are only allowed to use what they know (so no internet).

You tell them that it’s to help you figure out there strength and weaknesses and to help you figure out where there at. 

And this test, I also recommend you give it as a homework assignment so the person doesn’t feel like they are wasting their money. Cause while they work, you don’t.

I don’t think you should give the score back right away, but I do recommend you keep the test, their answers, and their scores and give them the same test as an exercise when they get better. 

That way, in a couple of months when you hand over the 2 different results of the test, they can see how much they’ve improved, and so quickly.  Wow. 😉 Great review guaranteed. 😉

Obviously it’s different if you work with pronunciation or things like that, but you get the point.

Final thoughts

Okay so with that, you should have everything you need to get started.

You might not even really need to learn anything else, but if you feel like you do,  if you really want to become an amazing tutor, or you want to make sure you can get a lot of clients really fast, check out the courses we reviewed to find what you need!

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