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Chess Masterclass

By Gary Kasparov on

Video Review

Are you interested in watching Garry Kasparov’s Chess Masterclass to get better at chess?

and start winning against all your friends?

I watched Garry’s chess masterclass.

And today I’ll tell you how much you can expect to improve if you go through it too.

Hopefully by the end of this video you’ll know exactly if this online class is worth getting into.

Disclaimer: Before I got into Garry Kasparov’s Chess Masterclass, I was what you could call a Beginner.

Here is a disclaimer before we get started, obviously, depending on your level of experience, this course may or may not be for you.

Firstly, This course assumes you’ve already played a couple of games and that you’re already comfortable with the rules.

So be aware, if you’ve never played chess, this course will take the time to properly teach you how the pieces move and all the rules of the game, so you need to already know how to play the game if you want to get the most out of it.

Look, i’ve never been a chess expert,

so I really can’t say how much this course could help you if you’re already an advanced player.

This review is really more tailored for beginners and casual players like I was.

Since I was a kid, I’ve just been playing here and there friends and family.

None of us really took the time to learn openings and we pretty much play on instinct and see where it will take us.

It was a very casual way to play.

So I set out to watch Garry Kasparov’s Chess Masterclass to finally learn how to play chess well.

Here’s how decided I’d go through the course:

To make sure I would get the most out of it, I decided I would practice everything.

So Here was my daily chess workout schedule:

  • watch 1 video per day from garry Kasparov’s Chess masterclass
  • go on to play 3-5 games on the same day to practice everything while focusing on the principle of that day’s lecture against live opponents online
  • study all the notes I had taken from that day’s lecture to really ingrain everything down my brain.

To measure my progress,

I decided I was going to play 20 games before watching the course and another 20 games on a brand new account and compare my results.

My Results:

Before watching the course, Out of 20 games,

I got a total of 4 wins, 15 losses and 1 draw, for final chess rating of 675.

After going through the course,

I got 11 wins and 9 losses for a final chess rating of 790.


  • I improved my chess score by 115 points.
  • And I went from winning 20% of the time to winning 55% of the time; so I almost tripled my winning rate.

Of course, everytime you win or lose on, their matchmaking algorithm will pair you with people whose level is closer and closer to yours, effectively pulling your winning rate closer and closer to 50/50 over time so winning rate isn’t the most accurate of metrics,

And to be honest, I’m not certain how much I owe of my improvement to just having played a LOTTTTTTTTT of practice games…

…and how much I owe my improvement to the courses’ lectures,

but overall, I’m impressed with how much I improved.

And I see a lot of noticeable differences in the way I play:

  • I take a lot less time making decisions,
  • I can start strategising for checkmates several turns in advance and can pull off much more complex maneuvers than just mating with queens and rooks.
  • I start seeing patterns and can see openings for double attacks pins and lots of maneuvers that force my opponent to trade 2 of his pieces for 1 of mine or force them to lose bigger pieces.
  • I can’t tell you how many times I got my opponents online to rage quit and just disconnect because of some cool move or strategy I managed to pull off.

So as you can see, as a beginner you can learn a lot from this course.

If you’re willing to practice and you want to learn how to start strategising and really start playing chess well,

  • to beat your friends,
  • start winning online,
  • and really start enjoying the more advanced aspects of the game,

you should to get this course.

It’s a good course.

If you want to check it out, just click here:

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