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Don’t be afraid to ask questions in online courses

Listen: the Quickest Way To get the Information You Need From Online Courses is to Ask your Instructor.

And deep down I think you know that.

So why do you keep wasting time trying to browse through the course’s lectures trying to find the piece of information you’re looking for when you KNOW it would be quicker to ask the instructor?

But here’s the problem with this approach:

Some courses can be quite long. 5 hours, 10 hours… I’ve even watched a 40-hour long course on Udemy.

Because of that, locating the section where you’ll find the information you need can be quite tricky and time-consuming.

And when the courses are poorly structured (which is unfortunately often the case on Udemy), the information might not even be in places where you’d expect to find it

But what if the information you’re seeking isn’t in the course in the first place?

Wouldn’t that suck?

I mean you don’t always know if you’re searching for something that isn’t there.

So why do you still try to take the risk and potentially waste your time?

I mean why don’t you just ask?

Look: Online Courses are not just Products. They are also Services you Pay for.

In most cases, you don’t just get videos to watch, you are also given a means to contact the instructor or his assistants.

Even Shitty Overpriced Courses such as Sean Bagheri’s Aversity Gold give you access to email coaching.

So you need to learn to take advantage of that and get into the habit of asking questions to your instructors when you have them.

But do instructors actually take the time to respond?

In my experience, most of the time they respond within a couple of days.

These guys are supposed to be experts in their fields, if you need help and information, they can often even give you better advice and answers than you would have come up with on your own.

Wether it’s the unlimited coaching that comes with Aversity gold which I got a lot of even though the course was disappointing. I’ve had the coach monitor my progress three times with an email sequence and he gave me new ideas I might not have come up with on my own that led me to start this youtube channel.

Another time I wanted to know if another one of my business ideas could work, I took me about 10 minutes to ask three instructors what they thought about it. One of them gave me a quick approval, the second didn’t answer, but the third ended up giving me a good handful of tips as well as giving me access to one of his other courses for free to help me in my journey just because he enjoyed the experience of teaching me.

In both instances I could have spent 3 times as much time trying to find the info I needed in their courses, but I might never have found it and I would not have gotten all the extra advice that was related directly to my project along with it.

Some of them won’t respond, but if you’re not asking, that’s a huge waste of your resources.

I know you’re afraid to seem pushy.

Don’t wory about it.

It turns out lots of instructors enjoy answering questions and will try to encourage you to ask even more questions. They don’t find you pushy, in fact they are happy you asked.

And in a way if you don’t take the time to ask when you know you should because you don’t want to “Bother” the instructor, you are kind of CHOOSING to waste time… which obviously isn’t a very efficient use of your resources.

It really does pay to ask sometimes.

And by the way, it’s free.

So why not try it out more often?

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