Jordan Peterson’s Discovering Personality | Online Course Review

Discovering Personality with Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

By Jordan B. Perterson

Video Review:

What if Jordan B. Peterson was your teacher. Well, he could be. In fact you don’t even need to move to the University of Toronto to learn from him. You just need to enroll in this course.

Full Detailed Review:

“in this 5 hour course, you will find more information than you would find in the typical full-scale, one semester personality course in the university.”

– Jordan B. Peterson

Yes, I agree, you’ll learn a lot from this course. In fact, This is one of the most valuable courses I’ve watched in 2019.

This courses teaches you the “big 5 personality model” that you can use to understand yourself and learn to read other people like open books.

Every human being is a mix of these 5 personality traits:
• Disagreeableness
• Conscientiousness
• Extraversion
• Neuroticism
• Openness to experience

You’ll learn what they all are and why people, including you, act the way they do.

The course also teaches you many more things such as:

• Tips to interact better with other people who are different than you.
• How to set yourself the right goals and choose the right career to be as successful as possible by leveraging your unique personality.
• How to setup your schedule and environment optimally to be more productive based on your personality
• General tips to help you live a happier and more fulfilling life.

But why should you want to learn about personality?

Reason #1: You want people to like you more.

Look, it’s simple. If you understand how the people around you think, you can easily:
• Get them to like you more. If you know what they like and dislike, you can avoid conflict and know how you should act if you want to please them.
• You can also have an easier time convincing them or selling them on ideas because you know what motivates them and what they care about. At that point it’s easy to formulate arguments that will appeal to their personality and their values.
• And let’s face it, people really like it if you can make them feel like you understand them.
You’ll become way more charismatic and influential with this in your toolbox.

You’ll also get angry a lot less often.

That’s because you will be able to predict when people around you will act in ways that annoy you.
It’s like watching horror movies for a second time. If you know when the monster will pop up, it’s gonna be a lot less scary.
This can help you avoid many unnecessary arguments with you significant other, family members and friends.

And on top of that. It’s just sooooo satisfying to be able to read people like open books.

Reason #2: This course is just fun to watch.

Do you like watching Jordan Peterson’s content on Youtube? Well, you’ll LOVE this course.

It doesn’t look like it but the way he approaches personality ends up going through many of the topics he usually talks about such as: differences between men and women, the IQ debate, Personality disorders, Why the atrocities in Nazi Germany occured and much more.

And as usual he’ll also give you a ton of tips to improve the quality of your life.

I’d say the only “weak” part of the course would be lesson 2. It’s interesting, but it’s not about personality. If you’re just here to learn about personality, just skip lesson 2.

Reason#3: You want to stop wasting so much fucking time

LOOK: studies show that the average college student wastes 6 hours everyday in unproductive and non-meaningful activities such as Watching Netflix, Playing Video Games, hanging around toxic people… whatever.

You’ll learn to spot why you do dumb shit and you’ll get tips on how to deal with that.

If you’ve been struggling with procrastination and lack of motivation like me, you’ll love this course.

Reason #4: You want to make more money.

LOOK: You want to know how your boss thinks and what kind of thing you need to say and avoid saying to get on his good side.

And if you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll also get a lot that will help you grow your business.
• You’ll learn how to evaluate people so that you’ll know if they are a good fit for your business and make sure you are hiring the right type of person for the right job.
• You’ll also learn what type of person you need depending on the stage your business is at. For example if you’re just starting out, you might need creative types to help come up with solutions for all types of problems that might come up and so they can create systems and procedures for your future employees to follow while if your business structure is already figured out you might prefer hiring someone who is hardworking and who likes following the protocol so they help you leverage the full potential of the systems and procedures you’ve created.
In case you didn’t know, Jordan used to make a lot of money as a consultant for large corporations when it comes to how to testing candidates and hiring so you can be damn sure he knows what he’s talking about.

But is this course for you?

One thing that has to be mentionned is that if english is not your main language you might struggle with it.

Jordan uses a lot of technical terms and most often doesn’t take the time to explain them.
You’ll probably have to rewind here and there and look up a couple of terms in the dictionnary.
BUT ===> if you’re used to listening to Jordan Peterson’s content on Youtube, you should be already comfortable with this level of complexity and you shouldn’t struggle much to follow along.

As for the quality of the content itself, as you might expect from Jordan Peterson,
• this course is very thoroughly researched and based on scientific facts.
• Everything is incredibly well explained.
• and everything is damn well structured.

And let’s face it. This is probably the only oportunity you’ll ever be given to get Doc. Jordan B Peterson as your teacher. (while knowing I couln’t ever do it) I’ve been dreaming many times that I would attend his classes at the torronto university for years now and whaching his online course was just incredible.

You might also enjoy convenience features such as:

• Downloadable audio files so you can listen to it anywhere.
• Full text transcripts
• And also the Community Forum where you can ask questions.

AND at the end of the course, you’ll find a quiz to test your skills and if you’re good enough, you’ll get a certificate to prove it.

AND don’t you think improving your social skills will have a huge positive impact on your life? Don’t you want to become the guy everybody listens to and wants to be friends with?

LOOK: There are a lot of shitty online courses on the internet. And this one is the exact opposite.

In the end I feel no matter where you are or what’s your career choice, this course will bring you a lot.

You’ll get powerful tools that will help you:

• Set up your goals and environment so that you are as happy and successful as possible.
• Learn to spot the various personality traits in other people so that you can understand them better and to be better equipped to interact with them in the future.

Whether you are someone who is interested in:
• self-development,
• entrepreneurial tips,
• or you’re looking to improve your people skills
• or even if you just enjoy watching Jordan Peterson’s content and you want more of it…
this course is for you.

Unless you find the complex level of english is too high of a barrier, just click on the first link in the description down below and you’ll be taken to the page where you can get the course.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It’s easily among the best courses I’ve watched this year.

By the way, Jordan Peterson made another course which is even better in my opinion. Here’s a link to my review:

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