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Copywriting Secrets

By Dan Lok

Video Review

Dan Lok’s copywriting course, “Copywriting Secrets” is really a breath of fresh air.

You know, I’ve watched over 6 copywriting courses so far and I got so sick and tired of copywriting courses start with the instructor telling his story and how he has that perfect career as a freelance copywriter that’s almost too good to be true.

And then he promises to teach you how to do the same thing and misleads you into believing it’s gonna be easy.

Now, like a lot of people people, I heard that pitch and I was scheptical.

And I’m here to tell you that you have good reasons not to believe in that crap.

You see, Right now, after watching my 6th copywriting course including top Udemy Classes and Livementor’s high-end 2000$ copywriting course,…

I realized that every time I finish watching one of these copywriting courses, I always felt like there was still “SOMETHING” missing in my skillset.

I never felt like I I was ready to start working as a freelance copywriter nor that my skills were worthy of charging a lot of money because while I learned a lot of theory, when I did set out to finally start writing copy for real , I just didn’t know where to start. I had learned a lot of lessons, but I had no framework! I just had to piece together something that “felt right” without really being sure what I came up with was that good.

Now, These instructors seem to expect that you’ll be able to make good copy without making you practice anything! LIKE At ALL!

Most courses give you no practical exercises and give you no way to practice this shit

And in truth, so far even though I’ve watched a lot of these courses, none of them has helped me as much as you would think.

I got disappointed over and over as each new course just told me the same things I knew already…

Granted, I always got a few small cool ideas that could be useful, but mostly it was just basic stuff every course teaches.

And let’s be real, you know you could find 90% that stuff in Free videos on Youtube.

AND YET, Almost eveyone of these copywriting courses have a misleading title that promises that that you will become an expert because they want you to buy their course. But in reality, when you do end up giving them your money, you find out you just bought another copywriting 101 lesson.

These courses are fine for learning the basics, but you’ll still be missing the “advanced” factor.

And after finding out it was just another beginner course, you realize that you didn’t get as good as you were promised. HECK, I LIVED THROUGH THAT EVEN AFTER WATCHING A COPYWRITING COURSE THAT COST ME LIKE 2000$!

LOOK: I’m SICK an TIRED of copywriting courses that only teach the same basic shit that every other course teaches. And thank God Dan Lok’s Copywriting Secrets isn’t like that.

If you want to get good… for real, you’ll want to take a look at it.

I really like Dan’s attitude. He’s not delusional.

He makes it obvious that Making good money with copywriting won’t be an easy thing you can do overnight just cuz you’ve watched a short course CUZ YOU’LL STILL SUCK!!!

He doesn’t promise you’ll make it without doing anything. YOU KNOW THAT WATCHING A COURSE ALONS IS’NT ENOUGH, be honest with yourself, you know you need to practice this shit.

That’s why you’ll be happy to find out that this course in very action oriented and gives you practical steps to DO in order to practice and hone this shit.

I feel dan “gets it”.

This course reminds me a lot of Tai Lopez’s courses in that sense. They don’t tell you that anybody who watches the course will make it. They don’t just give you the info you need, they also push you to Get Good.

That said, that doesn’t mean you need to be naturally talented to make it as a copywriter.

Heck! Dan Lok himself has flunked english twice and yet he has learned to make over 50 million dollars with copywriting.

It doesn’t matter where you are right now, copywriting is a learnable skill.

But, you need to be honest with yourself and realize that you’ll have to practice this shit.

On another note, On top of all that, what I really enjoyed is that This is finally a course that teaches different shit than what everybody else teaches! It’s the first time in like 3 course that I feel I finally get valuable content that isn’t just another paraphrase of what I learned in another beginner course.

Now, I don’t mean this course only teaches shit that you can’t find in other courses. Even when it does teach you much of the basics you can find elsewhere, oh boy at least when dan does teach that, he gives enough of a shit to go the extra step.

You see, when teaching basic concepts, all other instructor I’ve watched so far has fallen into one of the following two categories:

  1. THE ONES WHO DON’T SAY ENOUGH: Their course only gives you introductions to these concepts in like 6-minute long sections per concept which lack depth and are so short that when you finish a video you don’t feel like you truly “get it.”
  2. THE ONES WHO DON’T KNOW WHEN TO STOP TALKING: The instructor just keeps talking on and on without teaching anything. They talk a lot, but actually teach very little. You end up finishing the course and feeling like all the valuable info should have been cramped up into a 40-minute long section and you’re just annoyed at how much watching that course has felt like a waste of time.

Now, Dan Lok Falls into none of these 2 categories. Dan Dives Deep into these topics WITHOUT wasting your fucking time.


And oh boy can I tell you how much I enjoyed watching this course because finally, this is a course that delivers the fucking content you’re looking without wasting your damn time.

It is straight and to the point and every section is valuable. And Dan goes out of his way to really dive deep into all the concepts he teaches.

Instead of the traditional 6-minute overview you get from most instructor, he spends like 15-30 minutes explaining everything and answering questions. When you finish watching these sections you don’t feel like you’re missing a piece of the puzzle.

Now, this course is not an end-all be all. After all it’s just 4 hours long. But, it impressed me, I’ve taken over 8 pages of notes. And although I don’t think it will turn you into an expert overnight, it does give you a framework to practice and improve going forward and I think it’s very likely this is the missing key in your progress that other courses haven’t given you.

As for myself, I feel that finally I have been shown HOW to actually practice and learn the practical side of copywriting. And since I’ve started practicing this shit I can now sit down in front of a blank page and know how to start writing and not just write what I “feel” should go on the page, but actually have a good idea of what SHOULD be written next and how to piece together a copy systematically and based on proven theory rather than just my gut feeling.

But is this the right course for you?

It’s not the first course I would recommend for beginners, but if you feel like you’ve finished a copywriting course and there is still a missing piece of the puzzle that you need to start making good copy and finally start getting high-paying contracts as a freelancer, You should check-out this course because I feel it delivers just that.

Ultimately though, if you’re a beginner, the first course I’ll recommend will depend on your project, so you can ask me in the comments and tell me about your project if you want a recommendation.

Now I know many people will think they can do without these recommendations, But Believe me, having tried to gather a solid skillset from a lot of different copywriting courses has not been a smoothe process. Unlike courses on programming, most copywriting courses I’ve seen were shit! I’m offering you free advice. You can ask, or you can keep listening to your ego and try to figure this shit out on your own and refuse to take advantage of free help.

By the way, I also reviewed Dan Lok’s other copywriting course, High Income Copywriter.

You can find a link to my review on youtube right here:

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