Career Self-Assessment | By C.C. Chapman and Dan Gorgone from TeamTreeHouse

Look : I struggle to call this a course, it’s an interview.

It’s basically just a 16-minute long interview with C.C. Chapman on self-development and mind-set. He’s linking the concepts from his books with web and app development professions. This course feels more like promotional material for C.C. Chapman’s book than an actual course.

There’s not a lot more to it than what you’d find in the average interview on YouTube. But i’ve got to say, if you’re a web or an app developer, it’s a good 16-minute course to watch well seated during your lunch break. You may get few helpful tips out of it.

It’s really about mindset more than self-assessment and it’s not very in-depth either.

You’ll learn :

  • A few Mindset tips and advice from the book “Amazing Things Will Happen” wrote by, the guest, C.C Chapman.

Is this course good?

No, I would NOT recommend it to you, unless you’re already a member on Team TreeHouse. This course is really not worth purchasing a membership on its own.

If you think you might be interested in C.C. Chapman’s book, you may still get some value out of this course. If so, you can check out Treehouse’s free trial and watch it for free.

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