Brand Identity Basics | By Matt Yow from TeamTreeHouse

Brand Identity Basics

By Matt Yow from TeamTreeHouse

This course does not teach brand identity basics. It’s actually about the design process and client interactions.

You’ll learn :

  • A handful of very situational tips on how to create a good brand identity.
  • A good overview of all the steps in the brand identity design process.
  • When and how you should show your progress to clients.
  • How to present your work to clients so they are more likely to find it appealing.
  • What you should include in the documents you should send to your clients.

But Nothing is explained in much detail

You wil learn what branding is, but you will only get a quick overview of the various basic elements that make it up.

You will learn all the steps in the design process, but not in enough detail to feel comfortable enough to actually put them into practice.

You will get a few tips on how to interact with clients, but not enough tools to make sure the interaction goes well.

In the end, every section is just an overview coupled with a handful of tips. You will not learn enough about most concepts and strategies to be able to use them effectively.

Is this course good?

No. You might get a few good tips out of it. However, you would probably find better design courses on treehouse or other platforms under 20 dollars.

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