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Body Language For Entrepreneurs

By Vanessa Van Edwards

Video Review

This course doesn’t fulfil it’s promise of helping you master your nonverbal, however it does contain a good amount of worthwhile tips.

You’ll learn :

  • To guess how people are feeling based on their facial expressions.
  • To read signs of aggression, nervousness and more in people’s body language.
  • Tips to improve your body language to look more confident and avoid looking nervous.
  • To use body language to boost your testosterone levels and reduce stress hormones levels.
  • The basics of lie detection.
  • Signals you can use to communicate information nonverbally that most people should understand.
  • A ton of interesting facts about nonverbal communication and human nature you can use in conversations to impress your friends, but that are otherwise not practical in any way.

You Will not develop a CEO’s body language.

You will not master nonverbal communication.

You will not be much better at building business relationships.

The shocking truth

Vanessa knows a lot about body language…

…But her own body language is not impressive.

Don’t expect your body language to become incredible just by following her tips.

You will learn to read a lot nonverbal signals in others.

You will learn some nonverbal signals you can use to communicate non-verbally.

But if you want to develop powerful body language, look elsewhere.

Too many tips and too little guidance

The course includes too much information. Really. Don’t even think about doing everything. There is just too much for your brain to process, especially during stressful situations.

The big problem here is that while Vanessa gives a ton of information and tips, most of the times she won’t tell you which elements really matter and what you should be focusing on.

The videos classify the various tips in three categories: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Just focusing on the beginner level does give you a number of elements to focus that is low enough to avoid getting staggered by too much information. However, It appears these categories are divided by difficulty rather than importance.

You will learn to read a few non-verbal signals in others, but you won’t become the next Sherlock Holmes.

The section on “reading the face” is ok. It is short but there is a good amount of information on the expressions you can learn to read in people’s faces. You won’t become an expert, but you should get basic face reading skills.

The section on “reading the body” however is terrible. It doesn’t even contain information on how to read the body. It just contains information on hormones, the universal nature of body language and other interesting but impractical information.

There is a small section on lie detection, however, it is only about 20 minutes long and it’s not very in-depth. The few tips included do seem good, but very hard to apply. You will likely need to practice them a lot and even if you do practice, don’t expect your lie detection skill to be 100% accurate all the time.

A large part of the course is not even related to body language nor to reading people.

Optimal chair placement in your office,
Colour Psychology,
tips on what kind of people you should hire,
why pretty women should not be asking customers about their experience,
using pleasant odours to improve the mood,
and much more…

A lot of the course is about nonverbal tips on how to manage your business and building business relationships.

While these tips could be helpful, many of them will likely annoy you. They are often too situational and many of them will probably not be applicable to your business depending on what you do.

I recommend skipping the parts that are not relevant to your business. Even if you skip some parts to get directly to the videos you need, most of the relevant information you will have missed will be summarized in them anyway so you don’t risk missing much.

Final Thoughts

Body Language for Entrepreneurs is a catchy title, but it doesn’t reflect the course’s content very well. Here is a title that would be more accurate :
“A lot of tips and general information on nonverbal communication and human nature that might be useful in business interactions.”

While this course does contain a few great tips that will most likely improve your non-verbal skills, don’t expect that your nonverbal communication skills will reach a high level.

In the end, most of the content in this course should have been cut. The relevant information could have been explained in a 3 hour course without feeling too cluttered. It is not that the course has bad content, but a lot of it is just not practical or not very relevant to the subject of body-language and non-verbal communication.

You should get this course instead:

Body Language : The Scientific Way

Most body language courses we reviewed have been real hard to review and unpleasant to watch. Most popular body language courses we reviewed were!.. Vanessa Van Edwards courses are the best example of popular but, unpleasant courses!

Then, we found this one.

This is the perfect course for people who want to learn body language to be more competent and skilled in multiple aspects of their life. Like most of you guys are! I was more than pleased we this online course. It gave us back our interest for learning more about body language. Which is something impressive considering how much we were sick and tired of these bad body language courses.

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