Beginner Affiliate Marketing To Start In 1 Day – For 2020 | By Alex Genadinik on Udemy | Online Course Review

Beginner Affiliate Marketing:
Home Business Success 2019

By Alex Genadinik

Abridged Transcript

How this course reminded me of Gary Vee

I’ve watched a lot of Gary Vaynerchuk’s videos and there’s a concept he talks about a lot that really stood out to me.

That’s the concept of underpriced attention.

He often talks about the old days in AdWords where you could get like clicks for something like 13 cents or something and now it’s like $1 over for almost every keyword and some keywords almost like I’ve heard people pay like $80 for some keywords.

It’s becoming very ridiculous, but this course has a very interesting solution: other platforms such as Twitter and Bing really cost a lot less to advertise on.

I hear you thinking:

but man, not not all people are on Bing. Not all people are in Twitter. Well yeah.

However, if no one else is advertising on Bing, who cares if there are like 20% as many people on Bing is on Google, because you’re not gonna hit everyone on Google anyway. So if you can get every click on bing like for a fraction of the cost, this is actually a bargain.

Don’t let first impressions fool you

When I first started watching it, I didn’t have very much of a favorable opinion about it because the video and audio quality are underwhelming.

He’s using PowerPoint slides which are very simple and straightforward and not very… well designed, let’s say.

A also the fact that it was very beginner friendly and beginner focused gave me the impression that I had to watch a lot of it without learning a lot.

However I would say that this course really surprised me in how many very good tips and that that I didn’t really expect. They are all over the place.

More breadth than depth.

this means that you’ll learn about a lot of strategies and a lot of tools you can use, however this course only does an introduction to each of them.

So you won’t learn A to Z how to do landing pages with email funnels and all that shit.

No, this course will teach you a lot of the strategies you could use and tips to start in affiliate marketing, however it will not an in-depth blueprint to do anything particularly well.

The instructor is awesome

When you ask questions to this guy, he responds.

He responds quickly and he responds very well.

If you’re in need of any guidance or if you’re unsure about something really by all means dude, ask him.

Is this course good?


Unless you practice a lot, you won’t become a professional affiliate marketer only with this course. However, I think it is still worth looking into, because this course will give you a lot of good insight.

If you’re a beginner I think it’s worth looking at at least. So that you know pretty much all there is or most of what you can find in the affiliate marketing world so that you know how to specialize after watching this course.

It’s like starting programming if you don’t know about the various programming languages before you start learning one, well maybe you’ll start learning one, just to notice that this is not the one you should have learned in the end.

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