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The LURN Copywriting Bootcamp

By Anik Singal

Video Review

Hey it’s Alec and today I’m here to help you decide if Anik Singal’s “Copywriting Bootcamp” is worth your time.

LOOK: this course is 100% FREE but it’s short.

It’s just 2.5 hours long

BUT, compared to other courses of this lenght, you actually get a lot of value out of it.

The Problem:

A lot of what you’ll learn isn’t necessarily taught to you in your best interest.

This course is like a lot of small courses from big-name content creators,

it contains a lot of shady marketing tactics to make you buy their more expensive products.

You will be spoon-fed the exact information he needs you to hear to make you want to buy his 697$ course.

Of course, unfortunately Anik Singal isn’t the only marketer who does that.

And like a lot of people, In the past, when I stumbled into courses from other marketers, I fell into that trap

Matter of fact, I bought over 2000$ worth of mediocre courses before I realised that.

AND to be honest, in retrospect, most of the courses I bought weren’t worth the money.

Today I want to help you learn to stop being manipulated by online gurus.

I want to help you avoid being manipulated into spending thousands on courses you don’t need,

Later on in this review, I’ll show you exactly how Anik and other marketers like him manipulate their viewers into buying their larger courses…

…So that you know how to avoid falling into their trap yourself and losing a lot of money in the process.

But, regardless of the fact that he uses shady tactics to try get you to buy his 697$ course, is the content in this course actualy worth your time?

You know, as someone who has struggled for a long time to make money online… I mean

  • I started 3 businesses before this youtube channel. They’ve all been a total failure. One year I even lost more money than I made in the whole year from my job, it was riddiculous.

And at one point, it got pretty bad. After my third failed business, I lost my job with just about 700$ left in my bank account.

Now, I didn’t want to give up.

I realized my mistakes and why I failed :

LOOK: I didn’t know how to sell.

I didn’t know how to make product descriptions, I didn’t know how to create good ads…

…so I was burning a lot of money on advertising for very little results.

That’s when I decided it was time I learned copywriting

And being so fucking short on money at the time,

I realized how fortunate we are that online education has gotten so cheap.

You know, With Courses like this one which is 100% Free or Dan lok’s copywriting secrets that you can get for 50$ and even a handful of great udemy courses,

I managed to learn copywriting without to burn through all my savings.

And I feel that you might be in a similar situation, maybe you don’t have a lot of money around right now and maybe you can’t afford higher end courses that cost around 2000$, and so This is a good opportunity to learn copywriting for cheap.

And I don’t want to take that away from this course.

I feel incredibly grateful that Anik Singal is giving away all this information for free.

Despite all the shady marketing tactics I’m about to talk about, here’s all the cool things you’ll learn here:

1)The basic framework to writing a good piece of copy step by step. (You know, this is something I criticize from other copywriting courses. Because if you don’t already have a framework like that and they don’t include one in the course, you’re stuck with the blank page syndrome everytime you sit to write copy because: 1- you don’t know where to start; 2- You don’t know in what order you should include your pieces of content so you’re not sure what you should write next.

2)you’ll learn What are the most profitable ways to specialize as a copywriter nowadays. (Like you’ll get a good idea whether you need to specialize in video scripts, email, and other options AND you’ll learn what are the fundamental skills you need to acquire regardless of your specialisation. So it you don’t know how to go about learning copywriting, this is great stuff.)

3)you get A cool simple strategy to get clients without going through upwork and other freelancer platforms which tend to keep prices low

4)you’ll learn Exactly how much you should expect to charge for a freelance project AND what are the opportunities to get paid as a freelancer REGULARLY and in what ways you can set-up client relationships to get recurring income.

Now, you’ll also get a little more stuff out of this course, but I’d say these are the main subjects covered.

And as you can see, you do get a lot of value here.

But, now it’s time to cover the “nitty-gritty” part…

The Shady Marketing Tactics he uses on you to get you to buy his course.

Ok I think it’s no secret Anik Singal built this course to promote his 697$ “Copywriting Academy” course

Really: It’s absolutely riddiculous how many times he mentions that you should check out copywriting academy throughout the course.

In fact, I counted.

He tells you to go check out “copywriting academy”… 19 times in like 2 hours.

But that’s still fine.

The man put a lot of effort into his course, he can tell you to go check it out and make an informed buying decision.

Being told to check it out 19 times got annoying,

But still, I can understand that.

Here’s what I have a problem with

Here is the shady marketing tactic I’ve been talking about.

Like a lot of instructors, he uses the tactic of creating small courses that teach you good info for cheap or even for free in this case,

which is nice, I’m always for cheap access to good information,

but then, seems to makes sure that by the end you’re still missing PIVOTAL pieces of the puzzle.

-You get a good overview of Anik Singal’s copywriting framework, but he admits that he didn’t teach you everything and that you’ll need to get “copywriting academy” to learn the details.

And specifically,

he shows you that he won’t show you how to “close the sale” #CTA in this course and will only take the time to explain that in academy… even though this is pivotal to get customers to convert and buy your shit.

-You’ll learn WHY scripting videos and webinars are the most profitable ways to make money as a copywriter,

BUT he doesn’t tell you HOW to script videos and webinars…

which he will show you in academy.

-You’ll learn how much you should charge clients and WHY copywriters can make a lot of money,

but again,

you still didn’t learn everything you need to actually get a client…

which he will teach in academy

Now you may think I’m just a spoiled kid who complains that getting a lot of valuable content for cheap is not enough but that’s not what I’m trying to come across as.

You see, I’m not complaining because I didn’t get a enough of this GOOD, SOLID information.

And YES, The information here IS solid.

What I’m against is the fact that so many marketers who create courses like this keep INDISPENSIBLE pieces of information from you ON PURPOSE just to get you to buy their course because they know that without getting that “missing piece of the puzzle”,

So, in the end, you’ll probably not be able to to much with what they teach you

And they know that because of that if you want to achieve greatness, you’ll have to get their expensive course.

And he’s not the only one who does that. LiveMentor, Sean Bagheri, and numerous others…

And most of them will make you believe that the information you they promise you’ll find in their expensive course…

…you know, that last part of the puzzle…

that it’s hard to find.

And that the only easy way you can get it is if you purchase their other course where they teach it all to you…

…And promise that this will turn you into an expert.


You see, often times, you’ll find out that their more expensive courses are just bad.

Just check out my review of Sean Bagheri’s Aversity Gold if you want to see what I mean.

This is a course on selling products through email marketing and landing pages.

He doesn’t even teach you the theory behind writing good emails and the websites he teaches you to make look like shit.

And then, when you’re left at the end of the course,

And you’re still missing a part of the puzzle,

these marketers know you’re going to try to get that information in some way.

And that obviously, even though many other people offer courses just like theirs,

9 times out of 10,

you won’t get someone else’s course.

You’ll buy their course.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against Anik Singal Personally. I’m glad I watched this course.

And well, you may be wondering: “Well, Alec, is Anik Singal’s more expensive Copywriting Academy any good though?”

Well, Ok, I have to be honest,

I don’t know yet.

I haven’t been through it yet.

But, if you could be interested to see me review it in the near future, let me know in the comments down below.

If I see enough interest I’ll consider checking it out.

In the meantime, “is “Copywriting Bootcamp” worth watching?”

Yes, considering the fact that it’s free, it’s worth watching.

So long as you’re aware that he’s trying to sell you his 697 dollar course

and as long as you expect that you’ll still be missing a few pieces of the puzzle.

It’s by no means an indispensible course.

There are a lot of other great copywriting courses out there.

But for free, I think you should at least give it a look.

AND if you have already watched a couple of copywriting course,

you’ll probably be able to figure a good amount of the “missing puzzle pieces” out of your knowledge and experience

And because of that a lot of the strategies you learn here are things you should be able to implement just fine and if not spectacularly well, at least good enough to make the viewing worthwhile.

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