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Twitter Marketing: 1000% Engagement & More Twitter Followers

By Alex Genadinik on Udemy

Video Review

Could it be that You are trying to learn how to get good at marketing on Twitter?

And maybe it’s possible you could have absolutely ZERO experience with Twitter whatsoever.

On top of being made 100% with beginners in mind, I think Alex Genadinik’s Twitter marketing has a lot going for it that most other courses don’t offer.

So today I wan’t to take a couple of minutes of your time to help you figure out if Alex Genadinik’s Course on Twitter marketing is the best online course to get started as a beginner.

The first think you need to know

The first thing I want to share with you is something I realised a couple of years ago about twitter marketing and I think this could potentially make you a lot of money as a freelancer.

You see, I used to work at an ad agency for a while.

At the time, I didn’t know how to do twitter marketing. But what really surprised me is that no one in the company really knew how to do it either.

Everyone there is good with facebook. Everyone seems to worship SEO like it’s some sort of religion but no one really focuses on Twitter.

And here comes your chance to make a lot of money:

Let’s a client came to us and needed help with his Twitter account…

Because we didn’t have anyone who was good with twitter in the company, realistically we only had 3 options:

  1. Try to help the client anyway even though we didn’t know what we were doing, with the risk of providing underwhelming results and possibly losing that client forever.
  2. Try to convince the client that he shouldn’t invest in twitter marketing and try to sell him our facebook marketing or SEO services instead.
  3. Try to find someone who’s good with Twitter.

Now which one of those three options do you think is the best?

Finding someone who’s good with Twitter of course! And since they really aren’t that many marketers that focus on twitter, if you make yourself known to all these agencies and tell them you specialize on twitter, guess who they are going to think about when a client comes around asking for help with his twitter marketing? ===> YOU!

Do you see how easy it could be for you to find clients as a freelance twitter marketing expert?

Heck, you could also ask for an internship to practise your skills, build a portfolio and get a foot in the company. That’s how I got started as a digital marketer.

But of course, first things first. The first thing you need to do is to learn twitter marketing, right?

Let’s start with what this course does really well.

So, here are 3 reasons to get this course. The first two reasons are kind of obvious, but the third reason is the one I think will surprise you and could very well be the reason you choose to get this course.

  1. Everything is clearly explained and in my opinion is 100% beginner friendly.
  2. Like eveyone of Alex’s Courses, this course gets updated every couple of months. That means that if you go back to watch it, everything will be kept up to date which means you won’t need to buy a new twitter course every year just to stay up to date with most recent changes and tactics.
  3. Here’s the coolest thing about this course in my opinion: you get a tons of support from Alex, your instructor. He offers you a lot of things that almost every other instructor on Udemy will give you. #1, when you ask him questions and you need help to build your business, the quality and effort he puts in those responses is incredible. Every time I’ve asked him for advice he gave me cool ideas I hadn’t thought of and I could see he put a fair amount of thought into his answers. But what I think he offers that’s really incredible is free coaching calls. Everyone who enrolls in his courses gets access to free coaching calls where he’ll give you personalised business and marketing advice. Granted, they are just 15 minutes long, but you can ask a lot of questions and get a lot of value in 15 minutes. And even then if you want to schedule more coaching calls in the future, his costs are very reasonable and affordable. And he masters so many topics. Just look at all his online courses, It’s really impressive. I’ve got a lot of respect for the guy

And overall it’s a fine course. I mean, it’s not perfect, in fact, I’ll go over all this course’s issues in a moment, but even so, it offers a good place to start for beginners in my opinion.

I’ve got 2 negative points about this course that I think you should know about though.

First of all, look, this one is just a minor complaint, but in my opinion, Alex really isn’t a really engaging speaker,

during most of the course, I felt like he’s just reading a text behind the camera and since he doesn’t speak with a lot of emotion in my opinion, because of that the course feels a quite boring a lot of the time.

#2 – My second complaint is that the course really doesn’t go in depth enough in my opinion on how to write good twitter posts.

Alex gives a few tips but let’s be real, If you just watch this course, chances are you won’t get really good at writing tweets.

I think if you want to get really good at writing tweets you’ll also need to get a copywriting course as well.

And for that purpose, I have a really good copywriting course to recommend to you.

I think out of the 9 copywriting courses I’ve watched so far it’s the best one to watch to get good at twitter marketing.

In case you dont’s know what copywriting is, it’s basically learning to write texts that influence people and change their behavior which usually means get them to click on your ads or buy your products…

so by learning copywriting, you’ll learn how to get people to click on the links in your tweets and engage with your tweets more.

The course I recommend getting is Jake Hoffberg’s Short form financial copywriting program because twitter posts are limited to 280 characters which is really small so you need to learn to write by using very few words and so far Jake’s course is the only one I’ve watched that really teaches how to write really short marketing texts well.

You can find a link here to see my review of Jake Hoffberg’s course on youtube:

So, is Alex Genadinik’s twitter marketing course worth it?

So, Here’s what I think of this course: in my opinion it does a good job introducing you to twitter marketing. It’s not perfect, but if you keep in mind that you’ll probably need more courses afterward to get really good at twitter and right now you just want a course to learn the basics of twitter marketing and possibly get private coaching along with it. I think this is a good course to get.

That said. If you don’t intend to take advantage of Alex’s private coaching, I’d say it’s probably better to wait to get it on sale.

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