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AI For Leaders

By T.Davenport, B.Libert and M.Beck from Babson College

This is a good course.  

It does a pretty good job getting you up to date with the recent business trends in regards to both Artificial Intelligence and the platform based business model.

While the delivery methods are far from satisfying, the course contains a lot of information and is worth your time, especially since it’s FREE.

You’ll learn :

  • What AI is, and what it is not.
  • What it is good at and what it is not good at.
  • The different categories of AI technologies and some of their current uses.
  • What the platform business model is and why you should care.
  • Why you need to collect data before you start investing in AI.
  • How start-ups are showing shockingly rapid growth thanks to AI
  • What kind of tasks AI is best suited to automate aud how to distinguish tasks that could probably be automated with the today’s level of technology.
  • How AI should impact jobs in the next few years.
  • How to structure your organisation to maximize the effectiveness of your AI experts.

Ideal For :

  • Entrepreneurs who have not kept up with the recent developments in the AI world and the platform business model who wish to get up to date with the current state of technology and business trends.
  • Managers who want to improve their resume and their skillset to offer additional value to their company.
  • Aspiring programmers and engineers who want to get a good idea of all the different spheres of the AI world so they can make better informed decisions about what they should center their education around.

Abridged Transcript

Check this out: in the Deloitte’s 2017 cognitive aware survey, ninety-eight percent of the respondents (all entrepreneurs) stated that they used at least one of the AI technologies in the survey.

This means that AI is a lot more around us than you’d think.

The good news is that for entrepreneurs and people who want to start their own businesses, you can leverage the advantages AI can provide to really grow your business exponentially faster than your competitors.

Also for small businesses

Some AI can be very cheap relatively easy to implement.

There are several hundred startups in the US that stated that they used AI powered technology and the results of these startups have been staggering.

In average they have a very much more pronounced growth than startups that did not use AI powered technology.

What this course is about

Basically, it gets you up to date with all the that’s been happening in the AI world. It tells you:

  • what are the types of technologies being used
  • What they can do
  • Their limitations
  • How they are generally used in the business world right now

It also covers the platform business model based on user-generated content and how you can monetize it.

So it’s not just a course on AI.

I’d say it’s pretty much more a “get up-to-date on current technologies and current trends in business”

It feels very academic

It’s very content packed.

It’s surprisingly deep for this kind of online course. Especially since it’s free


It uses technical vocabulary and is aimed at a very educated market. It pretty much assumes that you are at at least college level and if your English is not totally on point, I think you might struggle to understand some sections.

I myself have a little trouble understanding some of some parts of it and I am very fluent in english.

NOTE: Also, since it’s very technical, it’s also very heavy to watch.

I’d say the only entertainment factor in this course is the fact that this subject is fascinating. Though, you might not be interested in AI as much as I am.

Is this course good?

In the end, it does a good job getting you up to date with the current state of technology. The content is very on point.

However, it’s very technical so it is quite heavy to watch and a little boring.

Definitely worth it though.

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