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Advanced Copywriting Strategies for Online Sales

By Brian Yang

video review

This is a decent copywriting course. It contains a fair amount of valuable tips and theory, but doesn’t give you all the tools you need to get started as a copywriter. Beginners and intermediates will learn a reasonable amount.

You’ll learn :

  • How to write amazing headlines.
  • Tips on writing in a more concise and impactful manner.
  • Ways to leverage human nature to compel your readers to take action (ex : make a purchase, subscribing to your newsletter,etc.) without them noticing it.
  • How to write stories your customers will relate to.
  • How to research information on your customers that you can use to make your copy more compelling/relatable.

However, this course is not for :

  • Beginners looking for an all-in-one course to get them started as copywriters. While the course does contain valuable information, you won’t learn everything you need. If you’re looking for a course on how to get started as a freelance copywriter, we recommend you check out our review for this copywriting course instead:

Full Detailed Review

When I first read this course’s description on Udemy, I was hooked.  Over 6 hours of video content by a successful internet entrepreneur. It promised to address the fundamentals of copywriting while including easy tips I could use right away to make more sales.  This course felt Ambitious.

Unfortunately, it did not live up to my expectations

A lot Filler Content

Some parts of the course are REALLY GOOD.  They are dense with meaningful information, which forced me to stop the videos several times to keep up with my note taking.  

However, some parts of the course left my notebook with pages filled with more empty space than writings once I was done taking notes.

The course includes a suffocating amount of filler content, especially in the later parts.  You get an overabundance of examples, useless pdfs, videos dedicated to making sure you don’t use what you learn for evil purposes and an abundance of repeated content.  

The worst offense is that Brian takes way too much time reading agonizingly long lists of examples. On top of that, some of these examples are repeated several times during the later sections of the course.

The problem is not that the course doesn’t contain worthwhile content.  I’m glad I watched it. But all the good content could have been taught in a less than 3 hour long course.  As it is i’m sure you have already figured out that you should expect to feel like the course is wasting your time quite often.

But the course DOES contain worthwhile information

Brian does a good job explaining the basics and how writing copy is different than academic writing, which will give you a strong foundation to start writing good copy.

A few common beginner mistakes are explained in the first section of the course and Brian does give good tips on how to avoid them.

Also, the section on writing Headlines is Fantastic.  It is packed with powerful tips and is surprisingly deep considering how short the section is.

The course also include a few great tools such as easy to use templates you can use right away to better structure your content and make it more compelling and a list of emotional trigger words included in the bonus section which includes 3 pages of powerful words you can use to spice up your writings.

I appreciate that much of the info included can be used right away and most of the videos are more practically oriented than just theory you can’t use effectively.

The course includes several great examples which greatly helps understand the concepts however at times Brian didn’t take the time to fully explain these examples.

Extra value for small business owners

The course also contains extra information related to selling your product or service as a small business owner

Brian occasionally talks about his experience selling his courses and case studies from clients he has helped as a consultant.  

Although these sections might not be of much use to you as an aspiring freelance copywriter or if you are looking to work at an ad agency, they will likely be no more than a minor (skippable) annoyance as they are few and brief.

Don’t worry, you should be able to follow it just fine even if you are a complete beginner

Yes, this course does include a lot of technical stuff and is marketed as an advanced class but it is well explained and the concepts included, while not necessarily obvious, are simple to understand for the most part.

There were a handful of videos that confused me and that I had to watch several times to fully grasp.  However for the most part everything is clear enough that you should get it the first time through.

I was a little annoyed that while some of the concepts were well detailed, some techniques were only glanced over and while it was clear WHAT they were about,  Brian did not fully explain HOW TO implement them.

Overall I the various concepts are clearly and well explained thought in the course even though there are a few minor issues here and there.

It could have been structured better

Many sections seem as though very little thought was put into how they would be organized and feel more like a succession of good but semi-related advice rather than a coherent progression of ideas.  

I will also note that I felt the integration of the course to the Udemy platform looks rushed. Several of the names of the videos were inverted with following and/or previous videos.

I have an issue with the names of the videos for yet another reason.  It is sometimes difficult to find specific parts of the course since the names of the videos do not always reflect the content included. The PDF document which is given as a reference to the various sections of the course does not help much since the names of the videos and the sections do not match those in the pdf.

I think the course might have been made better by removing some of it’s content.  The huge amount of fillers greatly hinder the viewing experience and removing some of the tips which were semi-related to the sections would have made the whole course more cohesive as a whole and I feel the structure would have been less confusing which would have made the learning experience better.

If you are looking for a better course to get started learning copywriting, we recommend you check out this course review instead:


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