Brandon Hakim’s Communication Mastery: How To Have Deeper Conversations | Online Course Review

Communication Mastery: How To Have Deeper Conversations By Brandon Hakim on Udemy Video Review Do you want to learn how to create deeper relationships with people you know and how to turn strangers into friends? Today I want to share with you an awesome course that helped me do just that: Brandon Hakim’s “Communication Mastery” […]

Seth Godin’s course on presenting to persuade on Udemy | Online Course Review

On Presenting to Persuade By Seth Godin on Udemy Video Review Are you looking to get really good and comfortable at speaking in front of people? Maybe you’re looking to learn to: Do solid powerpoint presentations during Business Meetings, Get A’s for your school presentations Make better Youtube Videos or, learn to speak in front […]

Why school sucks when you’re an intelligent kid | Blog

Why school sucks when you’re an intelligent kid School was easy for me. Always managed to get good grades and never had to study much study much. …and that’s why school just didn’t work for me I was 20 when I decided to quit school to try online courses. I learned how to create websites […]

Arman Assadi’s 7-Figure Copywriting Course | Online Course Review

7-Figure Copywriting By Arman Assadi Video Review: Do you struggle to know what your customers want? You probably have no idea what you should be saying to them to get them to buy your product. So you try things and some of your ads work, others fail, but you’re not 100% sure why. When you’re […]

Don’t be afraid to ask questions in online courses | Blog

Don’t be afraid to ask questions in online courses Listen: the Quickest Way To get the Information You Need From Online Courses is to Ask your Instructor. And deep down I think you know that. So why do you keep wasting time trying to browse through the course’s lectures trying to find the piece of […]

Neville Medhora’s Kopywriting Kourse | Online Course Review

Kopywriting Kourse By Neville Medhora Video Review Picture this: You’ve spent hours making your website look good. You’ve worked hard to find the right product. You’ve written all the product descriptions. You feel it’s time to get customers on your website. so you spend hundreds of dollars on Google and Facebook Ads. And Here comes […]

Anik Singal’s FREE Copywriting Bootcamp | Online Course Review

The LURN Copywriting Bootcamp By Anik Singal Video Review Hey it’s Alec and today I’m here to help you decide if Anik Singal’s “Copywriting Bootcamp” is worth your time. LOOK: this course is 100% FREE but it’s short. It’s just 2.5 hours long BUT, compared to other courses of this lenght, you actually get a […]

Dan Lok’s Copywriting Secrets | Online Course Review

Copywriting Secrets By Dan Lok Video Review Dan Lok’s copywriting course, “Copywriting Secrets” is really a breath of fresh air. You know, I’ve watched over 6 copywriting courses so far and I got so sick and tired of copywriting courses start with the instructor telling his story and how he has that perfect career as […]

Tai Lopez’s How to Make Money Online | Online Course Review

How to Make Money Online By Tai Lopez Video Review: Everytime I’ve watched Tai Lopez videos, I always felt like he gave some good advice but he was being fake. I felt like he was the king of guy who would say anything to get me to buy one of his courses… And he succeeded. […]

How to become a web developer for just 32$ | Blog

How to become a web developer for just 32$ 32$ sounds ridiculous… I KNOW! And that’s why I just have to share this with you. The thing is, with the rise of affordable high-quality online courses like the 4 courses I share in this video, you can actually learn everything you need to become a […]